About us

In 2019, MINUI was just an idea. An idea driven by the need to make people feel confident in their own skin, without having to worry about covering up the tiniest of pimples or defects, and definitely without having to rely on harsh chemical compounds to do so.

In 2020, Roya Edde and Gaelle Khoury, the Co-founders of the brand MINUI, began their  mission to bring this idea into reality. Their journey began by cleverly combining Edde’s ingenious artistic creativity from her background in Architecture, with Khoury’s deep scientific knowledge from her studies as a chemist, to create a perfectly harmonious symphony of elegance and efficacy. After three years of dedicated hard work alongside experts in the field of dermatology, essential oils, aromatherapy, and stress psychology, the MINUI product line was born. In a world where skincare and cosmetic lines are constantly emerging, MINUI stands out by creating being completely natural and organic products and for by vowing to rid it’s customers from the harshness of synthetic skin routines that are so prevalent in today’s market. Because at the core of MINUI is an undeniable belief in the power of enhancing beauty, naturally.

Crafted from the most luxurious essential oils from countries like Italy, France, Spain, and many more, Ms. Edde & Ms. Khoury insisted the products were assembled in their home country, Lebanon. Although there were better options, both logistically and economically, having the products come out of Lebanon was a non-negotiable aspect for both founders. Encouraging local production and boosting their country’s global recognition was a top priority .

Minui invites both men and women to progressively shift their lifestyle into one where they feel good in their own skin, both literally and metaphorically. MINUI strongly believes that a natural and effortless glow starts by adapting a healthy skincare routine.